Inter-University Student Economics Tournament 2018

We are launching a new (free) Inter-University Student Tournament, based on an Economics simulation (close to those that are described here:

In 2017, HEC Montréal won the tournament, Toulouse School of Economics was second and Cardiff Metropolitan University completed the podium (all finalists and ranking). Will you follow them?

Registration is possible until November the 19th. Individual registrations will be accepted after November the 1st.

Currently, 87 teams, from 32 countries, are registered.

Results!  And the winner of the 2018 tournament is ... Eötvös Loránd University! Congratulations!
Amherst College is second and HEC Montréal is ranked 3rd.
Other teams who qualified for the 2018 final are #4: Toulouse School of Economics, #5: CentraleSupélec, #6: Australian National University, #7: Universidade de Coimbra, #8: Universiteti i Tiranës, #9: University of Michigan, #10: Augustana University, #11: University of Chicago, #12: National Economics University.

The qualification phase consists in playing a few years of a mono-player simulation, between now and November the 22nd, 2018 (vs robots behaving like humans did, in previous experiments). You can play when you want, at your own pace. The 12 best teams (and also, all those who get a score above 2 350 000) will be qualified for the finals (and scores will be reset).

The finals will be played between November the 26th and December the 1st, 2018: Players will have to enter one decision every 2 days, before 21h CET.

Both phases are played online.

IO Game Tournament

The winning team will be awarded a voucher around 300€ as a first prize (on amazon or a similar site).

Students can participate on their own, with no need for support from their instructors: The game will require some strategic thinking but there is no prerequisite in economics.

This will be fun, so join the tournament!


One team from any university or school is welcome to participate (the tournament is free).

Be careful, your registration will only be valid after we send you a confirmation email (you should receive it in the next 48 hours. If not, do not hesitate to contact us).

In some universities/schools, registrations are directly managed by instructors:

  • If this in not the case for your university, the first team (2 to 4 players) to ask will be registered. (Can you constitute a "team" alone? yes if...)
    Precisions about the registration process:

    The registration of a complete team (2 to 4 members) is automatically accepted, if noone else has requested to register before, for the same university/school.

    If we receive a "one-person registration request", we pre-register the "team". If we do not receive a complete team (2-4 persons) registration request for the same university/school before November the 1st, then, at that time, we will validate the registration and the 1-person "team" will constitute the official "team" of the university/school.

    If we receive a complete team registration request before November the 1st, we will let 1 day to the preregistered participant to complete its team with 1 to 3 members (preferably, but not necessarily with members of the second team). After one day, if the preregistred participant has not completed his team, we will cancel his preregistration and officially register the complete team.

  • If you are an instructor and want to warn us that you intend to select the team for your school/university, you can also use this screen: we will then not accept individual registrations unless you validate them.
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(deadline for registration: Monday, November the 19th)

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