Please rotate your device to play to the game.
Please use a larger screen (min 440 pixels) to play to the game.

How to run Economics Games?

  • First, click on one of the two buttons, depending on whether you want to play a monoplayer simulation or run a multiplayer game for your students.

  • game list
  • Select one of the sections.

  • game characteristics
  • Start by creating a Prisoner's dilemma game.

  • login list
  • The name that you will give to the game will be the basis of the logins. Indicate the number of players and validate the creation of the game.

  • login2
  • Give the logins and passwords that appear on the page to your students...

  • competition economics game: instructions
  • that they connect to the game on their phone, laptop or tablet (Note that they can use the shortcut to reach the game page).

  • competition economics game
  • Once connected, your students will get a simple description of the game, and will be invited to submit their decisions.

  • competition economics game: fixed costs
  • Then, they will be directed to a transition page, which will automatically transfer them to the results when every player has entered his decisions.